LV / HV Installation & Commisioning

ISS offer a comprehensive installation & commissioning service which includes standard testing and pre-commissioning through to final system commissioning and energisation of all manufacturers switchgear and associated protection and metering devices, including the following;

  • HV Switchgear
  • LV Switchgear
  • Transformer & Rectifiers
  • Substation Construction
  • Protection & Control

With a team of experienced HV/LV Switchgear Engineers we can provide support on all manufacturers switchgear.  Working with key manufacturers of the leading brands including Schneider Electric, ABB and Areva we have extensive knowledge and experience on the installation and commissioning of most switchgear and assosciated protection equipment.

Significant installation & commissioning projects carried out by ISS include the installation and commissioning into service of a 43 panel ABB 22kV ZX2 switchboard at Manor House substation on the London Underground network, utilsing our Installation & Commissioning teams and our LUL Authorised Engineers.  ISS have undertaken numerous similar projects across the LUL network.  Other projects include the installation and commissioning of a 2 No. 11 panel panel Schneider Electric 11kV Genie Evo switchboards at Broadoaks data centre, and many many more.