London Underground – Manor House Substation

ISS were awarded a contract to install and commission into service a new 43 panel 22kV switchboard at Manor House Substation as part of the Victoria Line Upgrade Project on the London Underground.

Phase one included taking staggered deliveries of the new switchgear and undertaking the installation over a number of weeks.  Once installation was completed phase two commenced, which was the testing and pre-commissioning of the new equipment.  The pre-commissioning was carried out to agreed test procedures, developed specifically for the Victoria Line Upgrade Project by ISS, the switchgear manufacturer, EDF Powerlink and London Underground.

During the installation and pre-commissioning works, phase three was beginning to take shape.  It was identified at the planning stage that the addition of new switchgear in place of existing on the London Underground network meant that the existing Translay protection installed at the remote sites would not be compatible with the protection scheme fitted in the new switchboard.  With this in mind ISS were asked to design new Translay protection schemes compatible with the new switchgear.

Following a rigorous design and approval process, ISS began to build, wire and test the new protection fascia’s for 17 circuits at their manufacturing facility in Hyde, Cheshire.  These were again built and tested to agreed procedures, with representatives of EDF, London Underground and the primary contractor ABB invited to witness Factory Acceptance Testing prior to delivery to site.

Phase 4 of the project was the changeover and energisation programme.  This involved the installation, pre-commissioning, final commissioning and energisation of each of the new switchgear and Translay protection circuits and the new 43 panel switchboard.  ISS provided an installation and commissioning team, including HV Authorised Engineers to switch the existing circuits and energise the new equipment into service.  The changeovers were carried out over a continuous programme of night shifts, bringing a circuit at a time into service.

On completion of the changeovers ISS submitted a full test dossier to the client including all commissioning results for the new 22kV switchboard and each of the remote end Translay protection upgrades.