London Underground SSR Upgrade Projects gather pace…

The substantial presence of ISS on the London Underground projects looks set to continue, with ISS heavily involved in all of the current Sub Surface Rail (SSR) upgrade projects.

SSR Package 1B

With works on the SSR Package 1A Project with Balfour Beatty Engineering Services ongoing from 2010, ISS will continue to provide a full time resource of two commissioning teams until early summer 2012.  In addition to commissioning services, ISS provide further project support with the provision HV & LV Authorised Engineers to assist the changeover programmes, bringing the newly installed and commissioned AC & DC switchgear and rectifiers into service.

SSR Package 4

Following a programme of invasive surveys at various SSR package 4 sites in 2010, ISS submitted for approval technical reports, method statements and drawings for each circuit requiring remote end Translay protection upgrades to ensure compatibility with the new Griffith House substation.  Following a lengthy approval process ISS have now been awarded a significant contract from ABB to manufacture, install and commission the protection panels.  Production will be carried out at the ISS manufacturing facility in Hyde, during early to mid 2011.  This is in preparation for bringing the new Griffith House switchgear into service in early 2012, which ISS hope to install and commission during 2011.  Once again ISS HV & LV Authorised Engineers are expected to support the changeover programmes.

SSR Package 2

ISS recently received the contract from UK Power Networks Services to undertake the remote end Translay Protection upgrades for the new switchgear going into Barons Court and Earls Court substations as part of the SSR2 project.  This will be quite a quick turnaround project, with the circuits expected to go into service during the summer of 2011.  Engineering and design of the protection panels is underway, with ISS and UKPNS working together to ensure the tight timescales are achieved….

SSR Package 1A

ISS are in consultation with Enterprise to provide resources for the upgrade of various 11kv and 22kV circuits at a number of the SSR1A substations.  This is expected to include the supply of installation and commissioning resource, as well as the LV & HV resource required to bring new and refurbished equipment into service.

London Underground SSR Project Support

ISS provide full time senior commissioning and project management support directly to the London Underground Power Upgrade project team, supporting all current SSR packages.  This involves a significant input into the design, delivery and commissioning activities associated with each of the packages.  This service looks set to continue as the progress of the SSR projects continues to gather pace….

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