Building Schools for the Future – To be or not to be…

Following the Coalition Governments announcement of Education sector spending cuts in the summer of 2010, the nationwide Building Schools for the Future (BSF) scheme was one of the first to see its funding significantly reduced.

ISS were heavily involved with the BSF projects, supplying LV Switchgear to numerous contractors for schools nationwide, and as such showed great interest when the Government were challenged in the High Court by Local Councils who deemed the cut backs were unfair and legally flawed.

In February 2011, following a judicial review, the High Court ruled in favour of the Local Councils, ruling the Government decision to scrap the BSF project as illegal.  ISS believe this is a positive ruling for everyone involved with the projects, particularly for those directly involved with the schools such as the pupils, staff and local communities.

It should be pointed out that the ruling be approached with caution, as it by no means confirms all BSF projects will be resuming.  The final decision for any individual projects still lies with the Secretary of State who will judge each case on merits.

It is however a positive step in the right direction….

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